Step 1 - Claim Reporting

We are sorry to hear about your loss; it is never pleasant nor is it expected. However, remember you’re in good hands. Our team of claim experts are waiting to hear from you, defend you and ensure you get the best outcome.

First things first, drop us a call on our dedicated claims number 01216882666 or email us Then we will get the ball rolling.

Out of hours? worry, were still here for you. Try one of the following –

  • Contact your dedicated account executive – their personal number will be on your regular correspondence.
  • Contact the Insurers directly. Please check your policy wording first and remember to let us know too. It’s important to let us know so that we can start to help you as soon as possible.

Our claims team are experts and from the moment you get in touch their focus is on getting your claim settled on time.

Step 2 - Claim Processing

When it comes to processing your claim, our focus is on collating the evidence needed to build a genuine and solid case. We will gather the paperwork and present it to the insurer on your behalf. Your dedicated claims handler will remain in constant contact with both you and your insurer to ensure nothing is missed and delays are minimised.


You can focus on your day to day job confident that your claim is progressing and will be settled soon.

Step 3 - Claim Settlement

But whilst we operate a speed, we also ensure we get maximum compensation available. Our goal is to always put you back in the position you were before the claim. Our expert claims team know what your claim is worth and will fight to ensure you get every penny owed.


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A record to be proud about

Riverdale work tirelessly to give our customers the best support and advice for their business. We invest in our team to keep them abreast of the latest industry practices. Our success speaks for itself. Customers return year after year as they know they get the best support, competitive premiums and the best settlement figures when we’re on their team.